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I am a bolognese dog, and my name is Peter Denajwen.

My owner had been looking for a puppy for a long time, till she found herself in the heart of Europe, in the beautiful Prague, where the Denajwen breeding is located, and where I was born the 18.08.2005. After having enjoyed the city, my current owners came to visit the breeding and chose me.

Two months later, in October 2005, they came to take me and I moved to Italy.

My father is the multi-champion Vilik Jizerská Protěž and my mother, multi-champion as well, is E-Hanny Denajwen. Six puppies were born from them, of which I was the only male, therefore my ownerd did not have a lot of choice. Now I have a dream house, my onwners play with me,  take me out for walks, they take care of me and cook me very good food. They take me to exhibitions as well. The first exhibition I took part to was in the Republic of San Marino, where I have been awarded the title of "Young Champion of San Marino".

After the last exhibition I took part to, the 23 March 2008 in Prague, my owners brought me a brother, Virgil Denajwen. At the moment I am not really in the mood to play with him because I am a little jealous.

In August 2010 my family grew, as Zany Denajwen, who we call Eddie, came to live with us. He was born on the 7 December 2009 in Prague from E-Hanny Denajwen e Vilik Jizerská Protěž.